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Mostly I blog about my training, teaching, and my dogs. I post my face more than anything. And gifs when I drink.

Competition lifts:

Bench - 105#

Squat - 185#

Deadlift - 225#

20th October 2014

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Anonymous said: do you like peanut m&ms or regular? what is your favorite lift? what was your favorite subject in school?

Deadlift makes me feel like a total badass.
I loved math!

20th October 2014

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20th October 2014

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Oooh whatcha sayyyy

I’m all alone today, so my brain is working it’s magic. I’ve come up with a temporary plan. If you know me, you know I love plans.

On Wednesday, I’m going to do a mock meet after volleyball practice. I’m not sure how exactly to time everything, so advice on that would be great. I hope that Mike can be there to spot me on my bench. My planned lifts are squat 200, bench 110, and deadlift 245.

Next week I will begin Phase 2 of the Juggernaut Method. MWF I do squat, bench and dead respectively. On Tu/Th I would love to do Insanity or some sort of CF WOD at the school.

And, as the broken record goes, I need to clean up my food. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I’m planning to lift in the 165 weight class. I’m not concerned about that as much as how I feel. Again. Broken record. I know.

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20th October 2014

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Two pieces of pizza
A 12” cheese sticks
A bowl of chili
Ice cream

Great job, E.

20th October 2014

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How much would it effect my lifting if I decided to incorporate Insanity on my off days?

I need cardio in my life, and volleyball ends on Thursday. I’m not sure what’s happening with basketball, so I may have some extra time on my hands soon. Running is out of the question, unfortunately, unless I want to be out for a while and get surgery on my feet. No gracias. I have all the insanity DVDs. I could do it at home. I’ve done it before. I don’t want it to impede my progress, though.

Any thoughts?

20th October 2014

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Went into work just to turn around and come back home. My heart isn’t there today.

19th October 2014

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My uncle posted a picture of my Daddad from my college graduation. I hadn’t seen a picture of him healthy in so long. It jolted me.

My uncle posted a picture of my Daddad from my college graduation. I hadn’t seen a picture of him healthy in so long. It jolted me.

19th October 2014

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Of course I’m sad. It’s a sad thing to lose someone. But I already lost him a few years ago when he stopped remembering us.

I’m also pissed off because I probably live the closest to the veterans home he was in, but my cousins and aunt never told me when they were going, so I never saw him. I would have gone. They were just there for his birthday last weekend and no one bothered to tell me.

19th October 2014

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I never really got butterflies, but when I see you I feel like yay on the inside
— This dude ❤️

19th October 2014

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Before I got to Mike’s, I stopped at the mall to get gifts for the three seniors on the volleyball team. Each charm speaks to the girls’ personality or struggles. I also decided to treat myself to some comfort food.